dark1 W1S2 [da:k US da:rk] adj comparative darker superlative darkest
1¦(no light)¦
6¦(unhappy time)¦
9 darkest Africa/South America etc
[: Old English; Origin: deorc]
1.) ¦(NO LIGHT)¦
if it is dark, there is little or no light
≠ ↑light
The church was dark and quiet.
the dark winter days
Suddenly, the room went dark (=became dark) .
It gets dark (=night begins) about ten o'clock during the summer.
It was still dark (=was night) when we boarded the train.
It was pitch dark (=completely dark) in the attic.
2.) ¦(COLOUR)¦
quite close to black in colour
≠ ↑light, pale ↑pale
There were dark clouds in the sky.
men in dark suits
a slightly darker colour
dark blue/green/pink etc
a dark blue dress
someone who is dark has hair, eyes, or skin that is brown or black in colour
≠ ↑fair
a tall, dark man
John's dark skin and eyes
mysterious or secret
a dark secret
keep sth dark
BrE (=keep something secret)
Apparently, he has a son, but he's kept that very dark.
5.) ¦(EVIL)¦
evil or threatening
There was a darker side to his character.
a place where so many dark deeds had been committed
the dark forces of the universe
a dark time is unhappy or without hope
the dark days of the war
Even in the darkest moments, I still had you, my love.
if you have dark feelings or thoughts, you are very sad or worried
a dark depression
her darkest fears
8.) ¦(HUMOUR)¦
dark humour deals with things that are bad or upsetting in a funny way
= ↑black
the dark humor common in difficult situations
9.) darkest Africa/South America etc
old-fashioned the parts of Africa etc about which we know very little
dark 2
dark2 n
1.) the dark
when there is no light, especially because the sun has gone down
my childish fear of the dark
in the dark
I turned off the light and lay there in the dark.
We stood outside in the pitch dark (=when there is no light at all) .
2.) after/before/until dark
after, before, or until the sun goes down at night
I want you home before dark.
3.) in the dark informal
knowing nothing about something important, because you have not been told about it
We're in the dark just as much as you are.
College officials were kept in the dark about the investigation.
a shot in the dark atshot1 (10)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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